Emilly Loren

Frequently Asked Question

Please send me an email introducing youself! This is a date after all! Let me know perhaps where you live, and anything else you think I should know about you. Do you have any experience in the realm of companionship? Please include your screening information, along with your requested date length in your initial email.

Or, simply fill out my booking form under ‘Contact Me’.

Emails that are missing the information aforementioned, or impolite, will likely not be responded to.

I screen not only for safety, but for chemistry. Along with an introduction, please include at minimum your name, email address, and any applicable board handles.

I will also require one of the following:

  1. A recent, reference from another independent provider,
  2. Your fully filled out Linked-in profile with photo or lastly,
  3. An unaltered, scanned piece of your photo ID.

Yes, absolutely. I’m also certain you will not be disappointed when we meet.

I expect you to be a gentleman at all times, as well as having excellent hygiene and self-care.

I also expect you to be considerate in all our interactions – before, during, and after our time together. I am a sensitive individual with personal limits, needs, and boundaries. I ask that you please always respect them.

Yes, I do require deposits in order to reserve time with me. I do have a cancellation policy as well. Please refer to my “Particulars” for more information regarding these matters.

I do not tolerate disrespect of any kind towards my boundaries or limitations. Privacy and discretion also are of utmost importance to me and I expect that all details of our time together stay between us.

Text messages and Email are the best way to contact me or my booking form.

Yes of course, gifts are always appreciated. If you’d like some gift ideas, be sure to visit my Wishlist page.

 For deposits only, I accept Zelle and Venmo.

I only answer pre-arranged calls with clients that have screened and sent deposit. And I can’t guarantee I’ll respond to voicemails either. You’re welcome to text or email me at prettyemillyloren@gmail.com  about a date, but if your message is inappropriate or rude I won’t respond. Please be patient if you send a text or email. I may not be able to reply immediately. And that’s why completing my booking questionnaire is the best option.

My photos are new and accurate I do not feel the need to send additional photos.

Screening is mandatory for all first time bookings with me. In order to meet me, you must first complete my booking form listed on my meet me page. On that form you will see two options for screening. The first option is to submit your ID/passport, work verification (LinkedIn, work badge, paystub, business card, etc), and a picture of yourself. The second option is to provide at least two established references from the past six months. You must include where and when you met them as well as a link to their personal website or listing on a reputable site, simply providing a phone number or email for them will not suffice. On my booking form, you will also find a section that asks you to tell me a bit about yourself. This is an opportunity for you to give me a brief description of your interests, particulars, or any other information you would like to share with me prior to our meeting. Without first submitting a booking form complete with your screening information, there will be no communication between us.